Dog Poo Bag Dispensers

Dog Poo Bag Dispensers

Owners’ not clearing up after their dogs still remains one of the major concerns for residents in Seaton Valley.

The Council is continuing to address this and has installed ten Dog Poo Bag Dispensers across our villages at locations that are popular with dog walkers.

It is hoped that this will encourage dog owners, who have not brought poo bags with them, to use the facility and take a bag to clean up after their pet and dispose of it in a bin.

Councillor Susan Dungworth, pictured above with her dog Ruffles, said that ‘these bins will hopefully make those dog owners who do not bring bags with them realise that there is no excuse not to clear up after their dog.  Dog fouling is not acceptable and the Council will continue to do everything it can to tackle this problem’.

An Enforcement Officer, funded by the Council has now been successfully recruited by the County Council and will start regular patrols in Seaton Valley from October.  Any owners who are seen not clearing up after their dog will face being issued with a Fixed Penalty Ticket for the offence.