Holywell Remembrance Silhouettes

Holywell Remembrance Silhouettes

Holywell In Bloom is celebrating the award of 20 silhouettes funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.

The silhouettes, which were awarded to Holywell In Bloom group will be shared and placed throughout the village, within the Church and the newly developed Memory Garden at St Mary’s, as part of the village commemoration to remember the fallen of the First World War.

The In Bloom group have worked hard this year to develop and provide newly designed floral and shrub beds, and a memory garden within the church grounds.

The award was made under the Armistice and Armed Forces Communities programme, which makes awards to bring communities together to remember; and to think about the Armed Forces today

The In Bloom group initially offered to design and develop the church garden over the next three
years as a thank you for the support the Church has given the group during their initial and future
projects. To complement the project the In Bloom group applied for the silhouettes and were
overwhelmed when they were successful in attaining 20 silhouettes that could be shared amongst the
community. The silhouettes are a lovely way to remember the ultimate sacrifice men and women gave
from our community and other communities.

The garden will be officially opened on Saturday 10 November 2018 from 10.30 -12.30 and all are
welcome to join us for a walk around the garden and free refreshments.

A member of our village said “it is so important for Holywell Village to remember the men and women
who fought on behalf of their families and friends in our community”.

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust makes awards and grants to projects that support the Armed
Forces Community. You can find out more about their work at – www.covenantfund.org.uk.