Council Agrees 2019/20 Budget

Council Agrees 2019/20 Budget

The Council agreed its 2019/20 annual budget when it met on Wednesday 30 January and is pleased to have been able to restrict the increase in its element of the Council Tax to reasonable levels.

In setting its budget the Council agreed to restrict the increase in its element of the Council Tax to 2%, which is less than the current rate of inflation, meaning that its Band D equivalent Council Tax will increase from £116.40 per annum to £118.73 per annum – an increase of only £2.33 per year.

The budget itself provides funding:

  • to support the replacement of (or new ones if replacements aren’t required) two bus shelters per annum
  • of £20,000 per annum to help fund/contribute to the funding of new or replacement play areas,
  • to support quarterly editions of its highly regarded Futures Magazine,
  • to support community events in each of its 5 villages,
  • to finance the acquisition of, installation and removal of Christmas lights and the holding of Christmas events in each of its villages, and
  • to ensure the continuation of its successful Neighbourhood Partnership arrangements with Northumberland County Council to provide environmental services to the community.

In proposing the Council’s budget for the coming financial year Chair of the Council, Cllr. Stephen Stanners said despite increasing cost pressures he was pleased that the Council had been able to avoid any reductions in service levels, whilst at the same time keeping Council Tax increases to a minimum.