Seaton Sluice Bridge gets repainted

Seaton Sluice Bridge gets repainted

Work commenced at the beginning of August to repaint the Harbour Bridge in Seaton Sluice where the main road and paths cross the end of the harbour over the Seaton Burn.

In early 2019 contractors laying cables had to dig up a considerable area of grass and floral planting throughout the village especially along Beresford Road.

Although the works were completed with care and kept the disruption and damage to a minimum it was necessary to remove floral beds along the route of the cable.

Cllr. Susan Dungworth, County and Ward Councillor, contacted the company, Stellium Networks Ltd, and asked them to consider making a donation to the village to compensate for the disruption and damage during the works.

After a meeting between Cllr. Dungworth, Seaton Valley Council representatives and Gerry Murray, Chief Communications Officer from Stellium Networks Ltd, he agreed that the company would pay to repaint the Harbour Bridge as a goodwill gesture.

Cllr. Dungworth said, ‘The impact of the works over a considerable period, and in particular on the floral displays was quite disruptive for residents and rightly Stellium agreed to do something for the village by way of compensation. I would like to personally thank Gerry Murray, who listened to my request and took a personal interest in the history of our village.  He then went on to ensure that the repainting of the bridge was completed as soon as possible following lockdown. I hope residents agree with me that the bridge looks fantastic with its new coat of paint’.

Gerry from Stellium and Mike from MGM the contractors,  said that they would like to thank everyone on the Seaton Sluice area for their kindness, understanding and patience while we carried out the works.. It has been a real pleasure to meet the people of Seaton Sluice and contribute to the community.