Gardening Competition

Seaton Valley Council holds an annual gardening competition. The competition is as much about people, as it is about plants and gardening. Founded on the principle that brightening up our outdoor spaces is good for us all, the competition gives individuals, businesses and local communities an opportunity to work together to bring about change.

Seaton Valley Gardening Competition 2019

At an awards ceremony on Wednesday 4 September, held in Astley Park Pavilion, the category winners for the Annual Seaton Valley Gardening Competition were celebrated and awarded with their certificates.

Once again we received a large number of entries from residents, groups and businesses who were keen to show-off their gardening skills and achievements in this very popular competition.

This year the categories included:

  • Best Mini Garden
  • Best Kitchen Garden
  • Best Village Garden
  • Best Wildlife Area
  • Best Single Container
  • Best Use of Recycled Materials
  • Best Allotment
  • Best Business
  • Best Community Garden Space
  • Best In Bloom Project
  • Overall Best Looking Village
  • Most Improved Village
  • Most improved Newcomer
  • Special Award for Future Project
  • Special Communal Bed Award
  • Overall Best in Year

Councillor Stephen Stanners, Chair of Seaton Valley Council, presented the certificates to the category winners alongside Councillor Barbara Burt, Deputy Chair of the Council.  Councillor Stanners said ‘It was fantastic to see individuals and community groups getting recognition for the hard work they put in to make our villages look so beautiful.  I was especially pleased that Seaton Sluice and New Hartley were well represented in the competition with both villages receiving many awards and New Hartley being awarded the Most Improved Village of the year award.  Congratulations to all the volunteers on another amazing year’.

A full list of the category certificate winners can be read here…

Pictures from the awards ceremony can be viewed below: