Gardening Competition

Seaton Valley Council holds an annual gardening competition. The competition is as much about people, as it is about plants and gardening. Founded on the principle that brightening up our outdoor spaces is good for us all, the competition gives individuals and local communities an opportunity to work together to bring about change.

Our competition offers free entry and awards to be proud of. With a range of categories to choose from, there is something for everyone – from hardy allotment holders aiming to be the ‘pick of the crop’ to schools striving to be ‘top of the class’!

Gardening Competition 2018

Gardeners from across Seaton Valley were celebrated at the Gardening Competition 2018 awards ceremony on Friday 7 September 2018, where the category winners were presented with their certificates.

Residents, Groups and Businesses were invited to enter the Seaton Valley Gardening Competition that has been held annually for over five years.

This year the categories included: Best Mini Garden, Best Small Garden, Best Kitchen Garden, Best Village Garden, Best Single Container, Best Allotment, Best Business, Best Community Garden Space, Best In Bloom Project, Overall Best Looking Village and Overall Best In Year.

We received a large number of entries in all of the categories that made judging very difficult.  Cllr. Les Bowman, who was one of the judges, said ‘I have really enjoyed going around looking at entries this year and the standard has been so high.  Despite the very dry spell we have experienced, the gardens and floral displays look great, that is a credit to the dedication of our Seaton Valley gardeners’.

At the awards ceremony, Cllr. Bowman and his wife, Susan, who was also a judge, presented the certificates to the winners.

A full list of the category certificate winners and pictures from the awards ceremony can be viewed below:

Best Mini Garden    
Honey Brown New Hartley SILVER GILT
Rueben Hetherington Seaton Sluice GOLD
Best Small Garden    
Gary Jefferson Seaton Delaval   SILVER GILT
Best Kitchen Garden     
Gill King Holywell SILVER GILT
Best Village Garden     
Joyce Hails Seaton Sluice BRONZE
Julie Bovingdon New Hartley BRONZE
Aileen Hetherington Seaton Sluice SILVER
Norma Brown New Hartley SILVER GILT
James Barrass  New Hartley SILVER GILT
Lorraine Sore Seaton Sluice SILVER GILT
David Ferguson Seaton Sluice SILVER GILT
Christine Bryan Seaton Sluice SILVER GILT
Eunice Pringle Seaton Sluice GOLD
Alison Thomas Seaton Sluice GOLD
Tom Elliot Holywell GOLD
Mrs J Bainbridge  Seaton Sluice  GOLD
Jill Bradshaw Seaton Sluice GOLD
Jean Dalziel Seghill PLATINUM – Overall winner
Best Single Container     
Jean Dalziel Seghill  GOLD
Mrs J Bainbridge Seaton Sluice PLATINUM – Overall Winner
Best Allotment     
Judy Zajac West Terrace  SILVER
Mr & Mrs Christie Baxter Place GOLD
Jim Wood West Terrace GOLD
Robert Welsh Victoria Close PLATINUM – Overall Winner
Best Business    
The Flower Cabin  Seaton Delaval  SILVER
Holywell Pizza Holywell SILVER
Spinning Tops Seaton Delaval GOLD
Keel Row  Seaton Delaval  GOLD – Overall Winner
Best Community Garden Space    
Beresford Court  Seaton Sluice SILVER
Miners Cottages New Hartley GOLD
Seaton Sluice Community Centre   GOLD
Memorial Garden New Hartley GOLD
St Mary’s Church Holywell  GOLD
Hartley Court New Hartley GOLD – Overall Winner
Best In Bloom Project    
Community Orchard, Sandown Close Holywell SILVER
Community Centre Front Garden Seghill SILVER
Memorial Garden New Hartley SILVER GILT
Community Herb and Mural Seaton Sluice GOLD
Poppy Park Seaton Delaval GOLD – Overall Winner
Overall Best Looking Village    
Seghill   SILVER
New Hartley   SILVER
Seaton Sluice   SILVER GILT
Holywell   GOLD
Seaton Delaval   GOLD – Overall Winner
Jean Dalziel  Seghill  
2018 Special Award     
Seaton Sluice In Bloom for their continuous dedication and effort they put in to enhance their village.

Gardening Competition 2018 - Certificate Winners