The Dangers of Broken Glass

The Dangers of Broken Glass

A quick tale to highlight the dangers of broken glass.

We received an email last week from an unhappy dog owner who now faces a vets bill of some £360 just because someone didn’t have the time; or more likely couldn’t be bothered to clean up some broken glass after them.

A resident who regularly walks her dog in Astley Park was on her way home when she noticed that her dog’s paw was bleeding quite heavily and as the bleeding wouldn’t stop; she had to take Bobby (pictured above) to the vets. The vet had to stitch a deep cut in Bobby’s paw and was as certain as he could be, that the cut was caused by broken glass. Bobby couldn’t walk for three days; was on antibiotics and had to wear a cone collar for 10 days.

The Council’s Partnership Team carries out litter picks throughout the Valley on a regular basis and a number of volunteers support the Council’s workforce by also doing litter picks when they can. However, with the best will in the world we and they can’t be everywhere at once so where broken glass is concerned we need your help.

First of all if anyone breaks some glass; their first thought should be to clear it up and not leave it for someone else to do, however in cases where this isn’t done, residents should report incidences of broken glass to the Council and we will arrange to have it cleared away.

Bobby is now well on the way to recovery but has had to go through a lot of unnecessary pain and disruption just because someone could be bothered to clean up after them and didn’t have any thought for the potential consequences of their actions.

So please remember if you are responsible for breaking glass; clear it up and if you come across any broken glass; report it to the Council.

Reports can be made by telephone: 0191 2379870

Or by email: