Path Resurfacing Works at Seaton Sluice Memorial Park

Path Resurfacing Works at Seaton Sluice Memorial Park

Funding sources have been pulled together to allow the pathways around the bowling green and tennis courts in Seaton Sluice Memorial Park to be resurfaced during April 2021.

Seaton Valley Council, Northumberland County Council and Cllr. Susan Dungworth, through her County Council Members Small Schemes Fund, have pooled their resources to allow the much-needed resurfacing work to take place.

At the same time, Seaton Valley Council has agreed to use some of its own Small Schemes Budget to replace the iron benches that surround the bowling green with solid wood oak benches.

County Councillor and Seaton Valley Community Councillor, Susan Dungworth said ‘I’m delighted to be able to use some of my County Council Members Small Scheme Fund to top up funding from the County and local Council to allow these works to proceed and look forward to residents enjoying the newly surfaced footpaths during the summer months. This will complement the work we have done to improve the tennis courts and bowling pavilion and help create a more welcoming and accessible park for all the residents of Seaton Sluice.’

Local contractor WL Straughan & Son Ltd will be carrying out the resurfacing works.

Pictured above, Cllr. Susan Dungworth in the Memorial Park.