Laptops for Students

Laptops for Students

When councillors met in January to agree on the Annual Budget for 2021/22 they unanimously supported the use of up to £20,000 of the Council’s unallocated reserves to fund the purchase of laptops for local schools in Seaton Valley.

Councillors were aware that some local families needed support to enable their children to access online learning during the temporary closure of the schools due to the Covid restrictions.

The funding was shared between schools in Seaton Valley based on informed need, and grants were made to individual schools so that Head Teachers could purchase the necessary equipment for their students.

Mrs Keri Dowdney, Head Teacher at New Hartley First School said ‘we were delighted to receive a grant from Seaton Valley Council to help us acquire more laptops to allow additional students access online learning in their own homes – this has been of great benefit to students’ education during the recent school closure and will continue to help students with their future education within the school too.’

Cllr. Karen Collier, Hartley Ward Councillor and Vice Chair of the Council said, ‘the council were delighted to be able to help support students in Seaton Valley who were finding it difficult to engage in online school learning through lack of access to appropriate resources.  I hope that the funding that we provided helped students in Seaton Valley to have access to devices they needed to support their education.’

Pictured above are Cllr. Susan Dungworth, Head Teacher Keri Dowdney and Cllr. Karen Collier outside of New Hartley First School.