New Games at Hastings Gardens Play Park

New Games at Hastings Gardens Play Park

In June 2019, we opened a new play park at Hastings Gardens in New Hartley on an underused dark area of land in the middle of the estate.

Since the play park was opened it has proven to be a popular place for families and children to play in a safe and fun area.

We have continued to improve the area, and working in partnership with our Neighbourhood Partnership we have installed raised flower planters at both entrances and recently installed a picnic bench in the play park.

Continuing with these enhancements we recently decided to have some colourful ground based games marked on to the old surface areas to brighten them up.  These include hop-scotch, an adventure trail and a snake.

Cllr. Susan Dungworth said, ‘this little park is such a popular play area, especially with it being so close to the First School.  It’s great to see the children playing in the park and we hope that these new games will bring further enjoyment to our younger members of the community.’

Pictured above are Cllr. Karen Collier, Hartley Ward Councillor and Vice Chair of the Council and Cllr. Susan Dungworth, County Councillor and Ward Councillor for Hartley Ward.

Hastings Gardens Snake