Quick Thinking Young Man Awarded with Community Certificate.

Quick Thinking Young Man Awarded with Community Certificate.

At the Full Council meeting on Wednesday 29 September, Findley Belshaw from New Hartley was awarded with an Outstanding Achievement in Community Life certificate by Seaton Valley Council.

Around two weeks ago Findley’s mum collapsed along a street whilst childminding six children. Findley, who was also present, took control of the potentially dangerous situation.

His initial reaction was to get the children away from the kerb to ensure their safety, thankfully Helen’s Godson, George was also present.  Despite the stressful situation Findley thought to send George to get Helen’s husband, Kevin.

Kevin helped Helen home, whilst Findley got all six children back to his house.  He took all their shoes off, made them all a drink then took them upstairs to the play room. He did all this whilst being worried about his mum.

Unfortunately Findley’s mum went on to collapse a further three times and had to be admitted to hospital. Findley stayed at home with the children waiting for their parents to pick them all up.

Helen has ongoing health issues so Findley has to deal with these on a daily basis. Despite all of this, Findley thrives at school and has recently become a prefect which is a great achievement in itself. The teachers describe him as a ‘very polite boy’.

During the summer holidays he volunteered to help with the activities in the village provided by the County Council Sports Development Team. He also helps out every Tuesday at the Memorial Hall in New Hartley with Tot Shots football.

Findley is a very caring, selfless and compassionate young man who has used his initiative and quick thinking to protect children from potential harm. He is an active volunteer and member of his community and enjoys helping others. Findley has a bright future ahead of him, although his mum has ongoing health issues this has not stopped him from achieving great things.

Cllr. Susan Dungworth, Chair of the Council and Hartley Ward Councillor said: ‘Findley’s reactions were amazing.  His quick thinking actions were vital to get his mum the help she needed and he ensured that the children were all kept safe during this difficult situation.  It is a pleasure to award this certificate to such a wonderful young man’.