Neighbourhood Plan

What is neighbourhood planning?

Since 2011 the Government has allowed communities to produce neighbourhood plans for their local area.  The process of preparing a plan enables people living and working in an area to guide where and how future development happens.  Plans are prepared by the local community, through their town or parish council, rather than being prepared by Northumberland County Council.

Neighbourhood plans can help deliver the types of development that local people would like to see in their community and are used to make decisions on planning applications.

What have we done to develop the Seaton Valley Neighbourhood Plan?

Informed by the feedback from the local community that we received during February and March 2020 we prepared a draft neighbourhood plan.  The focus of the plan was to protect the green and open spaces in our villages.

Further consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan was held between September and November 2020.

We received many positive remarks on the plans to protect our allocated local green space and protected open space within our villages as well as suggestions for other areas to include in the plan.  Following the consultation we have amended the plan, where necessary, to take into account the comments that we received.

What happens next?

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to Northumberland County Council for Independent Examination.

The County Council are now required to publicise the plan with the supporting documents and invite comments.

The Submission Draft Plan with the supporting documents can be viewed on the County Council Neighbourhood Planning webpage that contains details on how to make comment.

Northumberland County Council – Neighbourhood Planning