Area Plan

In 2015 the council published Seaton Valley Village Plans together with a valley wide action plan covering each of the five villages. The plans were based on consultation with local people and organisations via interviews, questionnaires and engagement events in each of the villages.

In March 2022 we commissioned ‘Your Back Yard’, a social enterprise company who worked with us on the 2015 plans, to carry out a review and help us develop a new plan. To simplify things, the remit this time is to do one valley wide area plan.

Consultation was carried out over the spring and summer of 2022, which included interviews with over 20 representatives from community organisations and businesses and a survey that was completed by over 200 local people.

Sessions were also carried out with students from Whytrig and Seaton Sluice Middle Schools.

Drop-in sessions were held in all the villages where the headline findings were presented to residents who attended.

Following the consultation, a new Seaton Valley Area Plan has been created that is focused on the issues raised by residents and businesses in the area.

The Area Plan contains nine projects detailing actions that could be taken in response to the consultation.  These projects are:

  • Enhancing our activities programme for young people.
  • Creation of a youth action fund
  • Creation of ‘green routes’ in the Valley
  • Facilitate the establishment of a school climate change conference
  • Extend support around finances and benefits
  • Facilitate a Seaton Valley jobs fair
  • Consider providing energy efficiency advice and support to residents in the Valley
  • Set up an intergenerational digital inclusion project
  • Enhance the exercise and activities programme offered for older adults

Considering the resources we have at our disposal, the plan focusses on a small number of interventions, which we think are deliverable.

We will now prioritise and develop the suggested projects set out in the action plan and work with a range of other partners from across the county to get these projects off the ground.

There is more detailed information about the consultation process and the projects in the Seaton Valley Area Plan booklet.  Click to image below to read more.