New Hartley Housing Development Liaison Group

In an attempt to resolve the issues created by the housing development in the village that have been causing residents so much distress and disturbance, we have formed a Development Liaison Group.

The group will hold regular meetings between the developers, contractors, Northumberland County Council, and representatives of the residents. The notes from the meetings will be made available to residents.

We have had assurances that all the concerns raised by residents, councillors and planning officers will be addressed as soon as possible and that we will be supplied with a timeline for progress on these actions, as well as the stages of the development.

To ensure swift responses to any further concerns, it has been agreed to meet regularly and to collate any further concerns to present at these meetings. Residents can raise these concerns with the residents’ representatives, John Barrell or Jill Henderson or continue to raise them with Parish Councillors:

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation in and around the site and report any urgent issues.

Update – 18 February 2021

At the New Hartley Housing Development Liaison Group meeting last week (12 February) considerable frustration was expressed by councillors, officers of NCC and residents at the lack of, or slow pace of necessary actions being undertaken by the developers, Geoff Horsman, the planning case officer, agreed to explore the options for enforcement action.

Following discussions with the Director of Planning, Senior Planning Manager and the planning enforcement team manager, it was agreed that an Enforcement Notice would be the most appropriate type of formal enforcement action to progress. Planning enforcement officers are preparing a draft Enforcement notice which will be discussed with the NCC legal team once prepared.

Before formally serving any notice NCC also need to review progress in getting the various pre-commencement planning conditions discharged. The planning officer emailed Barratts after last Friday’s meeting with a list of current outstanding matters and have asked them to respond back on all of these by next week. Barratts have also asked to meet with him early next week to discuss outstanding matters.

Councillors Susan Dungworth and Karen Collier


15 January 2021

Agenda / Meeting Notes

29 January 2021

Agenda / Meeting Notes

12 February 2021

Agenda / Meeting Notes

26 February 2021

Agenda / Meeting Notes

Record of Issues Raised by Residents

Residents are able to submit comments and questions using our Contact Us page or email:  

Comments and questions can be posted as anonymous if requested.

Q.  Andrea Ward, 18 February – I am concerned about the condition St Michaels Avenue is being left from the Church Fields site towards the railway lines.  This morning the road was extremely slippery with mud.  The speed limit is 20mph raising to 40mph after the train lines but the amount of mud made the road dangerous at very low speeds. I think Barratts should ensure the road cleaned and safe for road users.

A.  Comment submitted  and the answer is awaited.

Q.   Karen Collier, 2 March – I’ve just seen Tarmac wagon come out the development and turn right to go through the village

A.   Barratts to enforce left turn only out of the site.

Q.   Anonymous, 2 March – A large wagon with drainage pipes has travelled along Bristol Street going to the development site at 8 30 this morning.

A.   Barratts to ensure that access to the site is via The Avenue/St Michael’s Avenue as per transport management plan. 

Q.   John Sheldon, 3 March – There has been noise from a machine on the site around 7:30 am every morning.

A.   Barratts have responded to state that there has been no plant machinery started before 8:00 am.  The only generator this is put on before 8:00 am is the generator inside the cabin.