New Hartley Housing Development Liaison Group

In an attempt to resolve the issues created by the housing development in the village that have been causing residents so much distress and disturbance, we have formed a Development Liaison Group.

The group will hold regular meetings between the developers, contractors, Northumberland County Council, and representatives of the residents. The notes from the meetings will be made available to residents.

We have had assurances that all the concerns raised by residents, councillors and planning officers will be addressed as soon as possible and that we will be supplied with a timeline for progress on these actions, as well as the stages of the development.

To ensure swift responses to any further concerns, it has been agreed to meet regularly and to collate any further concerns to present at these meetings. Residents can raise these concerns with the residents’ representative, John Barrell or continue to raise them with Parish Councillors:

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation in and around the site and report any urgent issues.


15 January 2021 – Meeting Notes

29 January 2021 – Meeting Notes

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Record of Issues Raised by Residents

Residents are able to submit comments and questions using our Contact Us page or email:

Comments and questions can be posted as anonymous if requested.

Q.  Andrea Ward, 18 February – I am concerned about the condition St Michaels Avenue is being left from the Church Fields site towards the railway lines.  This morning the road was extremely slippery with mud.  The speed limit is 20mph raising to 40mph after the train lines but the amount of mud made the road dangerous at very low speeds. I think Barratts should ensure the road cleaned and safe for road users.

A.  The road has been tarmacked on the first section which has made a vast improvement on the situation of mud on the road.  Barratts have a road brush on twice a day and are continually monitoring.

Q.  Karen Collier, 2 March – I’ve just seen Tarmac wagon come out the development and turn right to go through the village

A.  Barratts to enforce left turn only out of the site.

Q.  Anonymous, 2 March – A large wagon with drainage pipes has travelled along Bristol Street going to the development site at 8 30 this morning.

A.  Barratts to ensure that access to the site is via The Avenue/St Michael’s Avenue as per transport management plan.

Q.  John Seldon, 3 March – There has been noise from a generator on the site around 7:30 am every morning.

A.  Barratts have responded to state that there has been no plant machinery started before 8:00 am.  The only generator this is put on before 8:00 am is the generator inside the cabin.

Q.  Anonymous, 18 March – A Load of bricks was delivered to the site at 8.30 a.m.

A.  Barratts have emailed the supplier to advise of the breach of conditions regarding delivery times. The supplier has apologised as they are aware of the restrictions on deliveries.

Q.  John Barrell, 22 March – Roof trusses were delivered to site this morning before 8.00am.

A.  Barratts have spoken to their suppliers and strongly reminded them of the acceptable delivery times onto the site.

Q.  John Seldon, 25 March – A delivery vehicle travelled along Bristol Street this morning very early….around 7.20 am and parked on the pavement/road while waiting to be allowed into the site. This obviously contravenes the ‘restrictions’.

A.  Barratts have spoken to their suppliers and strongly reminded them of the acceptable delivery times to the site and the correct route to use to access the site.

Q.   Rachel Kennedy, 14 April – There was a cement truck coming down Bristol Street through the village.  The truck appeared to be all over the road and this happened during the school run time.

A.   Barratts are going to speak to the supplier.

Q.  John Barrell, 26 April – There were three deliveries of stone and delivery of a Tarmac paving machine as well as joiners hammering on the site.  All this before 08:00 AM.

A.  Barratts have turned away the Tarmac lorries and all groundworkers have been contacted about delivery times.  Barratts have said that they are going to keep the gates closed to help manage the situation and reinforce the message that deliveries are not to be before 09:30.  Anyone found entering the site via Bristol Street will be instructed not to do so again.  Further signage is to go on the gates.

Our Site Team didn’t appreciate the joiners had started that early and they have been spoken to regarding the site rules.