New memorial to commemorate the closure of Seghill Colliery

Published: October, 2022

A memorial, to mark the 60th anniversary of the closure of Seghill Colliery was unveiled at Seghill Institute Memorial Hall on Saturday 1 October 2022.

The memorial of a coal waggon being moved by silhouettes of a pit pony and a miner has been installed at the front of the Memorial Hall in Seghill.

Funding for the memorial has come from contributions by the Ward Councillors Small Schemes Fund and Seghill Community Association.  The memorial was officially unveiled by relatives of miners who worked at the colliery.

The memorial is the idea of George Arnott from Seghill Community Association.  George came from a mining family, and he believed that the anniversary of the closure of the colliery should be marked by a new memorial.

George has worked hard to secure the funding for the memorial and to ensure that it was installed ready of the anniversary.  George said: “This memorial remembers the miners of this village who toiled for over 100 years to extract the coal.  Without the miners this village wouldn’t have been established as it is today”.

George added: “I would like to thank everyone who attended the ceremony and thank all the individuals and firms, Ivanhoe Forge and Jim Hastings, for their support.  I would also like to thank the Community Association and the Ward Councillors for their financial support towards this project”.

Seghill Colliery opened in 1824 and eventually closed on the 28 September 1962.

There were several pits established as part of the colliery (Engine, John, Kitty, Success, & Major Pit). In 1940 the colliery was recorded as producing 450,000 tons of coal (for household, manufacturing, steam & fireclay). In 1950 there were 1,139 people employed at Seghill Colliery (856 working below ground, and 283 working on the surface).