Northumberland County Council Electoral Review (Update)

Published: July, 2023

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) are asking for your views on proposed new electoral arrangements for Northumberland County Council.

The proposed changes will see an increase in the number of Northumberland County Council elected members from 67 to 69 and the number of council divisions increase from 66 to 68.

The review also proposes to make changes to the boundaries of most of the electoral divisions in Northumberland and only 13 will stay the same.

The proposed boundary changes will affect Seaton Valley and will see parts of the Seghill and Seaton Delaval Ward and parts of New Hartley village, currently in Hartley Ward, move into a new election division that will include New Delaval in Blyth.  This new electoral division will be called New Delaval and New Hartley.

All the information about the review can be accessed on the LGBCE website that includes the full report, maps and information relating to the review.

Attached below are a summary of the changes that effect Seaton Valley.

Engagement events took place in Seaton Delaval and New Hartley to allow residents to view the documents and discuss the proposed changes with councillors and officers from Seaton Valley Council:

From the feedback given to the council by residents, we have drafted a response to the proposals that have been submitted to LGBCE.  You can read the council’s response here.

The consultation will close on 10 July 2023. LGBCE will then prepare a set of final proposals for new wards. They will be published on 3 October 2023 and we will make the report available to residents through our website.

You can still make comment before the 10 July about the proposals and you can ‘Have your say’ through the LGBCE website

We would like to assure residents that this review only includes the electoral divisions for Northumberland County Council and does not change the Seaton Valley Council Neighbourhood Area and will not change the way any of our services are delivered to residents in Seaton Valley.

Draft Recommendations for Blyth and Seaton Valley

New Electoral arrangements for Northumberland Draft Recommendations (Full Report)