Pink Poo Day 2021

Published: March, 2021

Councillors and staff from Seaton Valley Council carried out a Pink Poo Day on Friday 5 March in the Seaton Valley villages.

The team visited Bates Cricket Ground in Holywell, New Hartley Memorial Recreation Field, Astley Park in Seaton Delaval, Millfield in Seaton Sluice and the Bridleway from Front Street in Seghill.

Pink chalk spray was used to highlight fouling where owners had not cleared up after their dogs in an attempt to highlight the problem and shame irresponsible owners.

A similar Pink Poo Day was held in March 2018.  Although dog fouling was evident in all of the areas, and disappointedly on some sports fields, there was a significant decrease in the amount of fouling compared to the last Pink Poo Day. However, the exception was the Bridleway in Seghill, where there was significant amount of fouling in the grassed area along the edge of the footpath.

Councillor Karen Collier, Vice Chair of the Council, said ‘It’s good to see that there has been a reduction in the amount of dog fouling in these areas, but there are still some irresponsible owners who are not clearing up after their dogs.  These are lovely open spaces in our community that are being spoilt by a minority.  We hope by highlighting the problem with the pink spray that it will change the behaviour of these dog owners.’

The council have asked the County Council Environmental Enforcement Team to carry out additional patrols in these areas, especially in Seghill, to try and catch those owners who are not clearing up after their dogs.

Pictured above are Cllr. Karen Collier and Cllr. Susan Dungworth at New Hartley Memorial Recreation Field.  More pictures from the Pink Poo Day are in the gallery below: