RSPCA Million Mile Mission Litter Pick

Published: June, 2021

Seaton Valley Councillors joined members of the RSPCA and volunteers from the Seaton Sluice and Old Hartley Residents Association on a Litter Pick in Seaton Sluice on Tuesday 1 June.

The litter pick was organised by the RSPCA as part of their ‘Million Mile Mission’.  Joining up with the Great British Spring Clean, which is the UK’s largest mass-action environmental campaign, the RSPCA are fighting in the War against litter by organising community litter picks throughout the UK.

The group met up in Fountain Head Car Park and picked up litter from around the Dunes area and also up Fountain Head Bank and near the roundabout.

The RSPCA have started their ‘Million Mile Mission’ in recognition that open spaces have become so important to us in the past 12 months as well as being a natural habitat for wildlife.  Sadly over the past year, litter and other waste has become an increasing problem and this has had a severe impact on wildlife.

The RSPCA hope that by holding these community events it will highlight the litter problem and encourage people to dispose of their rubbish in bins or take it home with them.

Cllr. Jill Henderson, Parish Councillor for the Hartley Ward, said ‘It is good that the RSPCA have organised this litter pick in our area and that so many volunteers have turned up to take part in the event.  Taking care of our environment is so important, as we live in such a beautiful area, and we need to take action to protect the wildlife and keep our open spaces free from litter and waste’.

Trevor Walker, who is an RSPCA Inspector and lives in Seaton Sluice said ‘Litter is a hazard to wildlife, domestic pets and livestock causing injuries and in some instances can kill our wildlife. The RSPCA is committed along with the GBSC campaign to reduce the cause of these injuries, by promoting regular litter picks, with local communities, authorities and branches to minimise this easily preventable hazard from damaging our wildlife and the countryside.  Remember litter can kill, be responsible bag and bin your letter’.

As part of this year’s Great British Spring Clean, Seaton Valley Council are supporting a number of litter picks in the area by supplying groups with litter pickers, bin bags and hi-vis vests.

Pictured above are Cllr. Jill Henderson and Cllr. David Ferguson with volunteers and RSPCA Inspectors at the start of the litter pick.

Some of the group with the litter that they collected.