Governance Introduction

Governance Arrangements

We review our budgets during the autumn of each year and set the budgets for the following financial year (April to March) each January.

The council raises the majority of its income by levying a precept on Northumberland County Council, which the county council subsequently collects from residents as part of the Council Tax.  Seaton Valley Council’s element of the Council Tax is calculated by dividing the council’s net budget by the Band D Council Tax Base.

The council produces an annual report each year which summarises the previous year’s activities and provides information on how the council spent its monies in the year.

The Council is also required to complete an Annual Return for submission to the Government. This return is subject to external audit and must be made available for public inspection.

The council’s Internal and External Audit Reports are available through the Audit Report menu.

Full details of Seaton Valley Council’s precept calculations, latest accounts, budgets, Annual Returns and Annual Reports can be accessed through the Accounts, Budgets, Annual Returns and Annual Reports menu.

Details of our expenditure, tenders, assets and grants can be accessed through the Transparency Code menu.

The council administers its affairs in accordance with a number of agreed policies and procedures.  These policies can be accessed through the Policies menu.

The council’s Complaints Procedure and Data Protection Notice can be accessed via this section of the website.