Planning Applications

Whilst we are not the body that has the power to approve or refuse planning applications, it is one of the county council’s official consultees on all applications relating to Seaton Valley addresses.

We review all of the planning applications in the Valley, and will register a Consultee Comment via Northumberland County Council’s Planning Portal if it believes it has a valid planning reason to object to any individual application.

Similarly, anyone who feels they are affected by the proposals in a planning application can make their own representations to the planning authority via the county council’s Planning Portal.

Material Considerations

Whilst there is a lot more information on the planning application process on the County Council’s own website; listed below are the areas the Council believes to be material considerations in deciding whether or not to object to a particular planning application proposal:

  • Overlooking/loss of privacy
  • Loss of light or overshadowing
  • Financial considerations
  • Parking, highway safety and traffic issues
  • Noise
  • National planning policy such as NPPF
  • Effect on listed building and conservation areas
  • Layout and density of building
  • Disabled persons access
  • Design appearance and materials
  • Nature conservation

Non Material Considerations

The following are non-material planning considerations and as such the Council is unable to make representations to the planning authority on these grounds:

  • Loss of view
  • Negative effect on the value of properties
  • Land ownership or restrictive covenants
  • Business competition
  • Matters controlled under Building Regulations or other non – planning legislation
  • Applicants personal circumstances (unless exceptional such as relating to a personal disability).

Detailed information and guidance on submitting Planning Applications can be found on the Northumberland County Council website – Northumberland County Council Planning